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DS701 - 717
DS701 Characteristics of Tetragonal Arsenate Crystals
DS702 Characteristics of Tetragonal Phosphate Crystals
DS703 Auto Correlator Crystals & Cells
DS704 SHG of 90 Degree Phase Matching with KDP Type Crystals
DS705 Non-Linear Optical Properties of KTP Crystals
DS706 Second Harmonic Generation by Angle Tuning in Tetragonal Phosphates
& Arsenates

DS707 Non-Linear Optical Properties of D-CDA Crystals
DS708 Characteristics of Lithium Iodate Crystals
DS709 Non-Linear Optical Properties of BBO & LBO Crystals
DS710 Ovens & Proportional Temperature Controllers
DS711 Thermo-Electrically Cooled High Efficiency SHG System for Argon Lasers
DS712 Monolithic Tripler for Nd:YAG Lasers
DS713 Optical Parametric Oscillator using LiIO3 Crystals
DS714 Sum Frequency Mixing SHG Processes
DS715 The Type II Phase Matching Process
DS716 Choosing a Frequency Doubler for YAG & RUBY Laser
DS717 High Damage Polymer Coating

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DS718 Model QS Series BBO Super Switch  Q-Switches
DS719 Model 20 Series Transverse, Low Voltage, VIS/Near IR EO Amplitude,  Phase or Polarization Modulators
DS720 Model TWAM & TWAP Series Traveling Wave, 500 MHz and 1000 MHz
DS722 Model QC KD*P Pockels Cells
DS723 Model 307 Laser "Noise Eater"
DS724 Models 3030C, 3030, 3050 & 3100 Analog Modulation Systems
DS725 Auto Bias Controls for EOM's
DS726 Models 40 & 41 Electro-Optic Deflectors
DS727 Model 301 Pulse Extraction System
DS728 Model HVP-5 5KV DC-200nsec Pulser
DS729 Model QB-8 Brewster Pockels Cell
DS730 Model 39 High Contrast Option 
DS731 Model REM 101 Resonantly tuned Electro-Optic Modulators
DS733 Model HVP-5M 5KV OEM Pulser Modules for Q-Switch Applications
DS734 Model DD1 Divider/Delay Module for Model Locked Timing
DS735 Crystal Parameters for Pockels Cells
DS736 Model 50 AD*P Brewster Phase Modulator
DS737 Model MTM and MTP Optical Mounts for Pockels Cells & Modulators
DS738 Model LN Series Lithium Niobate Q-Switches
DS739 Model HVP-5I-DIFF Pulse Picker System

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DS740 Models 5GP10 & 5GP25 25KHz, 5KV HV Pulsers
DS741 Model 10 Series LTA IR/Vis Modulators
DS742 RTP Crystal Q Switches
DS743 Model 32180D Digital EO Modulation System (150V)
DS745 Phase Modulation App Note
DS746 Model 10 Brewster EO Phase Modulator
DS747 Models 3101-3520 1MHz - 1GHz E/O Modulation System
DS748 Model 3200A 1 - 200 MHz Driver
DS749 Models HVP-500 High Voltage 5KV Pulsers
DS750 Model HVA-100K 800V, 100KHz Amplifiers
DS751 Model HVP-540-DPHT-11KV,  Pulser
DS752 Model 300 KD*P, Transverse EOMs
DS754 Series HVP-5L High Voltage Pulsers
DS755 High Average Power BBO Q-Switch Paper
DS758 Model HVA-1M 400V, 1MHz Amplifiers

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DS764 Model HVP-DPHT-2 Double Pulse 10 ns, 5 KV High Voltage Driver
DS769 Model 31 Series R.F. Amplifiers
DS769D Model MDA-80 Resonant EOM Pulse Picker Driver
DS770 Model HVPS-Series HV Power Supplies
DS773 Model DD2 Digital Divider Delay Timing Generator
DS778 Model 3520 1-520MHz Drivers

DS781 Model SUNFIRE Q-Switching System HV Pulser
DS782 Model STARFIRE Pulse Picking/Regen System HV Pulser
DS783 Model POWERMAX HV Power Supplies

 Need Help on your Application?  Please fill out the Application Questionaire Form.doc or Application Questionaire Form.pdf

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